Newsletter #10 Spring/Summer 2018

Candles used for the Healing Service in The Sanctum

Hello, welcome to our Spring/Summer 2018 newsletter.


  1. The Sanctum
  2. Angels as Energy
  3. The Prayer Wheel
  4. Article: Thoughts on Life after Life
  5. If You go down to the Woods Today
  6. The Continuity of Life
  7. The Yellow Archangel: a Wild Flower Indicator of Ancient Woodland

The Sanctum

The Sanctum, a place of special energy, is the room at The Kosmon Sanctuary used for individual and world-healing. It was carefully designed, many years ago, to contain and enhance the special energy present.

The experience of The Kosmon Tradition is that when a group meets in The Sanctum with the intension of healing, the energy becomes sufficiently strong for the angelic energies to make contact and support the healing intension. The Sanctum has recently been restored to its original design.

In the centre of the ceiling is a zodiac made of stained glass.

The Zodiac in the Kosmon Sanctum ceiling
The Zodiac
The Sanctum, with curtains representing the South (Red) and the West (Gold)
The Sanctum, with curtains representing the South (Red) and the West (Gold)
The Sanctum, with curtains representing the North (Green) and the East (Blue)
The Sanctum, with curtains representing the North (Green) and the East (Blue)

Four curtains of different colours, representing the four directions, cover the walls. Together, the zodiac and curtains symbolise the presence of angelic energies.

The corners of the room are covered with white net curtain which transforms the room into a circle, symbolising eternity. There is no outside light in the room to distract the attention, which is focused on the circular table with its candles: a central one representing “The One All Light” and the small candles representing the members of the group, rays of light emanating from the central Source.

All candles holders are in the form of the lotus flower (see banner photo). The lotus has roots which are in water and mud, the world, while its flower, pure spirit, exists in space, completely clear of the water and mud.

Angels as Energy

Glory be to God. painted by Georgina Houghton in 1864. It shows the angels as energy surrounding human beings.
Glory be to God. painted by Georgina Houghton in 1864. It shows the angels as energy surrounding human beings.

For the Kosmon Tradition, the effectiveness of the healing work they aspired to depended on the active presence of angelic realm. According to Lars Muhl [1] angels are energies emanating from the Source.

Writing about the four archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, Lars Muhl writes:

“In Hebrew, El is equivalent to God or the Heavenly Source. Micha-El is, therefore, an energy form which expresses an aspect of the universe’s creative principle, and the name means that the energy is equivalent to God. Rapha-El  expresses the Source’s healing energy. Gabri-El is the Source’s messenger. Uri-El is the Heavenly Source’s cleansing and transforming aspect.”

“We can trust angel energies when we choose the heavenly Self above the unconscious and desire orientated self. By the use of positive invocations and words invested with power, we open ourselves to intuition, visions, and the prophetic sense, and in the process prepare the way for angel energies to reveal themselves and play an active part in our lives. They are always here, forever inviting us: If you will come forward to greet us, we will bow down and lift you up.

1. The Law of Light. The Secret Teachings of Jesus, by Lars Muhl. Watkins, 2014.

The Prayer Wheel

Prayer Wheel at the Entrance to The Sanctum
Prayer Wheel at the Entrance to The Sanctum

At the entrance to The Sanctum is a prayer wheel, which is turned once slowly and attentively, clockwise, on entrance to The Sanctum. Its purpose is similar to the cylindrical prayer wheels of Tibet which are engraved with mantra or prayers.

According to Tibetan Buddhist tradition, spinning a prayer wheel “will have much the same meritorious effect as orally reciting the prayers” [1].

In Oahspe [2], turning the prayer wheel once was a witness to the covenant made with the Creator to “turn from evil and strive to do good” [3].

In our case, turning the wheel, an action symbolic of entry to The Sanctum, affords a silent opportunity to focus clearly on the intension or prayer we hold for the Healing Service.

  1. Wikipedia: Prayer Wheel
  3. Oahspe. Book of God’s Word. Ch. 22.

Thoughts on Life after Life

I have thought long and hard about what I am about to put on paper. Firstly, I am aware that the subject has been talked about many times before and what I am about to say is possibly not very different from what others have to say. However, I will try hard to put my thoughts into words, and hopefully make myself clear as to the future.

First of all, I would like to say how I think we all came into this world in the first place. Man and women get together and plant a seed. The baby grows within the woman, all of which is undeniable. However, where does the personality, the very essence of that person come from?

In my humble opinion it is something that we have very little control over. Yes, they develop into individuals with similar traits and mannerisms to their parents, including learning to speak the language, but that is only to be expected when being brought up by them. It is not until sometime later in the life of the young one, that they develop the ability to express who they really are and what they can do.

They bring this individuality with them when they begin the journey into the life on earth. If however, there is a genetic fault in the child when it is born, the child may not develop as we would expect and makes life for the child much more difficult. This may be quite accidental, or it could be that the life that has come down to live here is doing so for other reasons. It may be to test the parents, or simply to test the individual. Who are we to know. All we can do in the circumstances is give the child as much love and physical help as it may need, and hope for the best.

Let me start with what I believe is the beginning of the journey. In the spiritual world there are many families of spiritual beings that have never experienced living in the physical form. Over many millions of years, they have developed a means of transportation from the spiritual worlds to our world, or many others like it. When a child is conceived, a spiritual being is sent to the earth, or other planets, and there begins the journey of knowledge and understanding. The majority have only peace and love to contend with, but like all things in life there are always two sides to look at and to learn from. Learning being the main part of every one’s purpose.

What we learn is governed by the personality of that being. Life is a long and arduous journey for most of us, and when we eventually pass on, we return ultimately to the family that we started with in the spiritual world, taking back with us all that we have learned while on earth and during the return journey. That personality, the inner most self of every individual is a tangible thing, and in the spirit world has the ability to communicate with and develop with similar minded beings. In this we have to be a little careful because some learn only the darker side of life. This can lead to all manner of complications including the manifestation as ghost’s.

Those who pass on in peace and understanding develop their strengths and join their family in doing everything they can to develop that peace and love, by shining the light of their knowledge onto those who have not yet found it. This is what we call redemption, and it can be just as powerful here on the earthly level as it is on the spiritual. It only needs a group of likeminded people to get together and think like minded thoughts for it to be performed successfully.

Taking this premise a stage further can help to understand the problem of re-incarnation. If you as an individual are aware of a connection to some long-lost member of your family, or feel that you have a connection with, let’s say Henry the Eighth, this is quite possible, but only on the spiritual family level. If, as I have said previously, you take on the family memory, this stays with you when come down to earth, then we can under certain circumstances have that memory surface and influence what we think and do.

This is what I think is miss construed as re-incarnation. I would prefer to call it Ray-incarnation so that the relevance is back with the family that we started with, and the learning that we add to that spiritual knowledge.

Henry the Eighth may have been a King, but although we may not like what he did while ruling the UK 450 years ago, he was like all the rest of us learning. Learning good from bad, difficult from the impossible, and how to progress both on the earthly plane as in the spiritual. We by nature normally only see that which is in front of us. What we do not see is the broader picture.

All that happens to us on the earthly level is used to direct us as individuals to the way of peace, love, and understanding. Some will find it easy, others will always find it difficult. But every experience we have no matter how insignificant we might think it to be, can and will make a difference to our own development.

Those who die violently, prematurely in most cases go to a place not of darkness but to a place of rest, so that they can recover from the trauma. This situation can also be redeemed with prayer offering up the light and thoughts of love. Only if there is a reason for not contacting them at their place of rest, as when evil or fear predominates, will there be a need for the light to be placed with them. This is done so that when they do eventually wake up they will see the light, and then only maybe, they will start to progress to a better place and start their journey into truth, peace and love.

To sum up, we come into the life we have with very little. The knowledge that is within the child is not tangible but can be reached if required. The body that we live in is as much a tool as our home or motor car. We live in it and wear it out in just the same way. We leave the body behind and move onward and upward and take all that we have atcheived on to another level. Go in peace with the knowledge that you can go on ever learning and improving.

Peter Andrews

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

Bluebell Time at Sandhill Wood (7th May)
Bluebell Time at Sandhill Wood (7th May)
Measuring the Girth of the largest Oak in Sandhill Wood
Measuring the Girth of the largest Oak in Sandhill Wood

Thanks to an invitation from Anthony Deavin, a trustee of The Kosmon Sanctuary, The Tadworth and Walton Tree Wardens at enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning admiring the spectacular English Bluebells at Walton Manor. The tranquillity we found there, the drifts of blue and perfumed air, went far beyond our expectations- we found a unique and precious jewel right in the middle of Walton.

Armed with notebooks and tape measures we also took the opportunity to measure some of the magnificent old trees: an Oak, Field Maple, Sweet Chestnut and one of the tallest Cherry trees we had ever seen. Carefully measuring the girth and height of each tree, the information was gathered for upload to the “Treezilla” Monster map of Trees, the Open University’s citizen platform for mapping and valuing trees in the UK.

Trees provide a variety of benefits and Treezilla focuses on how trees:

  • take the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, from the atmosphere
  • reduce storm-water flows that can overwhelm our drainage systems
  • regulate the climate
  • remove pollutants from the air

If you would like to view further information about Treezilla see:, contact or follow on twitter: @Treezilla_org.

We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated our visit to this wonderful site and hope to return again very soon.

Patricia Brookwick
Tadworth & Walton Tree Wardens

The Continuity of Life

Dead beech tree with young beech trees growing along-side
Dead beech tree with young beech trees growing along-side

In Sandhill Wood, there is a dead beech tree with a girth of some 14 feet, now decaying and playing host to a variety of insects and fungi. Along-side are healthy beech saplings. So, it is, that life continues though the body dies.

The Yellow Archangel: a Wild Flower Indicator of Ancient Woodland

Yellow Archangel
Yellow Archangel

The earlier article shows the extent of the carpets of bluebells at Sandhill Wood. Bluebells are well known indicators of ancient woodland. As the bluebells begin to fade, yellow archangel begins to appear. This wild flower is a member of the nettle family but has no sting, which may be the reason for its name.