The Kosmon Sanctuary

World Sound Healing Day

Date: Tuesday 14th February 2023
Time: 11.00 am until 4.30 pm
Cost: Free

At the Kosmon Sanctuary, we are having an all day free event where you can come and co-create sounds for the planet and all sentient beings. We will use gongs, drums, saucepans, voices, anything to raise the vibration to heal ourselves and Mother Earth.

We’ll start with a sound journey at 11.00am and take it from there. Please drop in when you can, we will being doing stuff (including eats) until about 4.30.

This is a global event and will be happening all over the world so amazing energy. Looking forward to seeing you.

The Kosmon Sanctuary, with its atmosphere of support and unconditional love, welcomes all those seeking their truth. Our wish is that all who enter may find opportunities for spiritual growth, inner peace, and discovery of their own expression of the divine.

The Sanctuary is blessed with 22 acres of ancient woodland, called Sandhill Wood, which has a variety of ancient trees, yew tree circles, and carpets of bluebells with wild garlic in Spring. All those who enter, whether classes of young children or adults, are embraced by a peaceful and nurturing energy.

There are many fine specimen trees, lawns, and an orchard in the two acre garden. Two labyrinths have been laid out, one classical and the other medieval, which are regularly used for contemplative practice.

Our building, called Spinney Cottage, blessed with the presence of a very special energy, is used for voluntary healing, traditional services, meditation groups and distant healing. Do contact us if you would like to visit, either alone to enjoy the grounds, or as part of one of our groups.