Regular Groups

Earth Energy Dowsing Group

The energy dowsing group has begun work on tuning into the energetic characteristics of our ancient woodland, garden and buildings. This understanding could enable Groups using the woodland to locate the sites best suited to their activity, e.g. meditation, or tuning in to the energetic field of trees. In particular, we wish to understand more about the six enigmatic and unique yew tree circles. We aim to meet monthly. If you feel drawn join in this work, do contact Sare Bassett on 01737 241 951.

The Little School on the Green

The Kosmon Sanctuary is very happy to offer its unique facilities to support the education of children of all ages. The Little School on the Green, a local nursery school, is a regular user of our ancient woodland. This school is a Forest School. Forest Schools aim to promote learning and development in a natural environment where the children have direct contact with nature and the earth, away from the constraints of a building.