Newsletter #17 December 2022

Sunrise December 2021, 6:55 am, on Box Hill

Hello, welcome to our December 2022 newsletter.


  1. I Watch the Sunrise
  2. The Way of Mastery
  3. Summer Solstice
  4. Healing in The Sanctum
  5. Winter Solstice
  6. Nature at the Kosmon Sanctuary
  7. Charitable Donations

Carole Andrews

The Trustees of The Kosmon Sanctuary wish to inform you of the recent passing of Carole Andrews. Carole was a minister of The Kosmon Church for many years, and was instrumental in supporting the current Trustees in their efforts to re-establish devotional gatherings at The Kosmon Sanctuary in a form that honoured the rich Kosmon tradition. Her presence with us will be greatly missed.

I Watch the Sunrise

Sunrise December 2021, 7:12 am, on Box Hill

Starting this newsletter with a picture of sunrise for this newsletter was inspired by the song/hymn “I watch the sunrise” by Kathryn Crosweller, which much impressed me when I heard it for the first time. It describes the experience of sunlight and shadow during the day, the stillness of moonlight, and the constant presence of the Lord whatever the experience.

(The hymn is available on you tube: Kathryn Crossweller; I Watch the Sunrise).

This hymn expresses the intent of The Kosmon Sanctuary Group to so strengthen our inner core that we do not loose connection with it, whatever our experience of the world.

The first lines of the hymn are:

I watch the sunrise lighting the sky,
Casting its shadows near.
And on this morning, bright though it be,
I feel those shadows near me. But you are always close to me
Following all my ways.
May I be always close to you, following all your ways, Lord.

Anthony Deavin

The Way of Mastery

Display created to mark the first meeting of The Way of Mastery study group. No flowers were available, so we made use of the abundance of fruit, which made a unique choice for the display.

The Way of Mastery” is a substantial work comprising three books: “The Way of the Heart”, “The Way of Transformation” and “The Way of Knowledge”, transmitted by Yeshua(Jesus) in the mid-90s. It is divided into 35 lessons. The aim of these lessons is to lead the reader into the unshakable experience of their Christ nature through the process of becoming free of all conditioning, the tyranny of the ego, and fear, based on the illusory sense of separation. This work is suffused with a most eloquent and moving description of Love and its place at the heart of creation. There are lessons on the power of forgiveness, desire, the process of creation, the Kingdom, and Truth. Yeshua emphasises that we are the creators of all that we experience, so that we always have the power to create a different experience. We are not the victims of the world.

There are exercises given throughout the book to aid our transformation, indeed, this book is a practical manual for change. The web-site:, offers a rich source of quotations from “The Way of Mastery” which do much to convey a sense of the scope and quality of this book.

To list subject matter does not do justice to this book, for it is the vibration of the beautiful language which penetrates any barriers which we may be carrying. This text is read aloud to a group which meets regularly at The Kosmon Sanctuary. The depth of attention is profound, indeed, it seems that Yeshua is present in the room supporting us. We feel that we are in the presence of a Master, dedicated to our liberation form bondage. The text carries the pure pristine teaching from Yeshua, and therefore has no cultural or theological overlay. As the group hears this work, we know we are in the presence of the Master, linked to an ancient lineage, and dedicated to our liberation from bondage.

To give some idea of the vibration of this text, here is one of Jeshua’s comments on the crucifixion:

“I learned at the crucifixion that I could feel and experience gratitude for my persecutors. I could feel gratitude for the whole context of experience that I had chosen to call to myself in order to discover that there are no circumstances powerful enough to prevent me from choosing for Love. In the end, can there be a more powerful experience to call to yourself than that? Not the crucifixion with the nails in your wrists but rather, the power to see that in every moment of birth and death, of comings and goings, that nothing prevents you from the deep peace and joy of choosing to Love. For Love is not conditioned by the conditions of the world. ———- You are, indeed, the thought of Love in form. But that form is not the body. It is merely the thought or the reality that is Christ. Christ is the essence of your higher Self. Christ is the truth of who you are. The role of the body, then, can only be to bless, to comfort, and to extend Love.”

Anthony Deavin

Summer Solstice

The beautiful display for the 2022 Summer Solstice was created by Jane Stephens, who gave me the following information on how it was achieved:

“The petals are mostly rose and a few marigold with some geranium and peony. I picked the flowers and then laid each petal out on kitchen paper overnight so as to be able to use them more easily the next day when they were slightly dry as they were so delicate.

I remember quite a profound sense of peace, love and appreciation washing over me as I was immersed in the depth of their colours for so many hours. It created a meditative state of mind as I was doing it. Also, the intensity of their colours brought a deep sense of joy. It was a beautiful experience and quite unexpected to feel that way.”

Jane Stephens

Healing in The Sanctum

The Sanctum is the special room of high energy in The Kosmon Sanctuary dedicated to healing and reflection. We set up a round table with a candle for each member of the group, as shown in the picture.

The central candle is symbolic of The One All Light, or Source. The individual candles are lit from the central candle to symbolise the identity of the individual lights with that of the Source Light. In the picture, the four elements of earth, water, fire and air are represented by a crystal, water, candle and incense. The four elements are symbolic of the higher powers, the angels, which nurture the earth.

Anthony Deavin

Winter Solstice

The Christmas story is the church’s way of celebrating the Winter Solstice. Just as we celebrate the coming of light at the Winter Solstice, so the birth of Yeshua (Jesus) celebrates the coming of light in the person of Yeshua.

The display for the Winter Solstice contains the symbol of the 6-pointed star, formed of two triangles. It is the perfect symbol for the resolution of polarity into unity. In the life of Yeshua, the polarity, the apparent separateness, of heaven and earth were indeed unified within one person: I and my Father are One.

The traditional nativity scene is also shown in our display. Like any profound story, this scene is replete with symbolism. White Eagle reveals much of this symbolism, offering a much deeper view of the Nativity story.

White Eagle points out that the star, which the Wise Men follow to Bethlehem, is the symbol of the light of our inner guidance.

Symbolism of the Gifts of the Three Wise Men

According to White Eagle:

When the Wise Men came to Jesus they brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

——– The gold enables you to transmute the base metal in your souls into pure gold.

The frankincense brings you the gift of gentleness and sweetness. This sweetness wise teachers, the radiant ones, bring to you for you to absorb into your soul.

The gift of myrrh is bitterness – some people call it sorrow and pain, and this brings understanding and sympathy. Pain is necessary for the soul, so that it may grow spiritually and emotionally. Through what you call sorrow, the soul enters into joy.

These beautiful gifts the Wise Men bring to the Christ child which is born in the cave. In the cave of the heart, the Christ child is born, deep, deep within your own soul. —— When the Christ child is born into the heart, there follows the visitation of the Wise Men with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. ——- which bring us to the way of illumination, the way of life, and the way of happiness.

So, the lesson of the nativity is that the rebirth of light and the unification of heaven and earth takes place in our heart.

The Shepherds

White Eagle tells us that:

The tale of the shepherds watching over their flocks by night also has its inner meaning. The shepherds are those who are the spiritual leaders of humanity, those who have risen a little above the plane of earth, who have begun to open their spiritual vision and are trying to lead their human flocks to the hilltops of life. They are very still these shepherds, watching, waiting, meditating, as you must watch and meditate, for if they had not been quietly communing with nature and with God, they would not have been ready to receive the visitation of the angels. This is a lesson for the people on earth who are mostly so busily engaged with earthly thoughts and activities that they cannot find time to enter into the silence of the spirit within, and can therefore neither hear nor see the heavenly hosts. —–

Through the simple childlike spirit in your heart, you will be able to perceive the great light which comes to the earth at Christmas time, and to perceive the visitation of the angels who will help to stimulate the growth of the Christ child in your heart.

(Ref.: The Way of the Sun. White Eagle’s teaching for the festivals of the year. Christmas, p88)

Nature at The Kosmon Sanctuary

The Kosmon Sanctuary is blessed with 22 acres of ancient woodland, Sandhill Wood, a large garden with mature trees and, being a high point of the North Downs, extensive views towards Epsom and beyond. The woodland has many ancient trees and wild-life, especially deer, which often come into the garden. The woodland and garden is used regularly by a forest school, groups enjoying forest bathing, drumming groups, and those simply seeking a peaceful walk.

Deer in the garden passing a cedar and silver birch. The silver birch is about 110 years old, very unusual for this tree.
Meadow Brown butterfly on Ragwort which attracts many butterflies
Flowers of Mountain Ash (Rowan) in Sandhill Wood
Poisonous fungus – Amaniki Muscaria – in the garden

Anthony Deavin

Charitable Donations

Each month we make a donation to a national or local charity, for charities undertake such wonderful work in these difficult and uncertain times.

For example, we have supported:

The Salvation Army

The Salvation army is a worldwide Christian Church whose mission is based on faith in Jesus Christ who wants everyone to experience life in its fullness.

Stripey Stork

Stripey Stork is a Surrey based baby bank collecting donations of clothes, toys, and essential items for babies and children for local families experiencing hardship.

The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust works to stop UK hunger and poverty. We have a network of foodbanks which provide emergency food and support for people in crisis.

Seagrass Spotter

Seagrass Spotter wants to increase awareness and participation in solving one of the most important global challenges: seagrass conservation. We gather information on the status and location of seagrass across the globe.

The British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal

Millions of people in the country still have no safe place to call home, and more than 10 million have fled Ukraine completely. Since the conflict began, Red Cross teams have been working around the clock. Donations provide people with essential emergency support, including food, water, medical care and shelter.