Newsletter #16 December 2021

The Light of Autumn – Japanese maple in November

Welcome to our December 2021 newsletter.


  1. Light Working
  2. Group Work & Angelic Communication
  3. The Intelligence of Nature
  4. Making Flat-bread from Sprouted Grain
  5. Charitable Donations

Light Working

In everyday conversation in our groups, we often speak of our desire to be light-workers. What does this actually mean? What is light?

In the New Testament we read that Jesus says “I am the light of the world” (John 8.12) and also “You are the light of the world” (Mathew 5.14). We may have a sense that light is a word with deep meaning, possibly not conveyed by our language. In aspiring to be a light-worker we are aware that we are able to be a conduit for transmitting such qualities as love, compassion, healing, peace, kindness, listening without judgement, and so on. Indeed, the person receiving this light will often literally appear lighter, both physically and in their complexion and aura. But what, we may ask, is light in its fullest meaning and significance?

We sense that, when in a state of connection with our Inner Being, our Self, we can be the conduit for transmitting light. This may well happen in the moment, in a situation in which the needs of the situation enable us to respond from our inner being without any interference from the clutter of our conditioning. So, light-working requires working from our Core Essence, and it is that Essence which knows how light may be transmitted in any situation. This is a universal law. Working from our core essence is greatly facilitated by working with a group with whom we have a shared vision, have a shared intention, which is the reason why group work has become so widespread.

Lars Muhl, in his book “The Law of Light”, explores the meaning of “The Kingdom of Heaven”, a fundamental concept in Jesus’s teaching:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you (Luke 17.21)”

“For God’s Kingdom dwells in your heart and all around you” (Thomas 3)

“We can deduce that the Kingdom of Heaven is not an obscure place up in the clouds, but a transpersonal state of consciousness within man, an element and a power, which surrounds and permeates all living things. (Lars Muhl vs 81)”

Since Jesus spoke Aramaic, it makes sense to look to this language for a deeper understanding of the meaning of Heaven. In Aramaic, Heaven is d’Shm-eya, which contains the root SHM, and which has a fascinating range of meanings.

“The word for Heaven, d’Shmeya, contains the Aramaic root word SHM, which means: the universal name of everything; light; sound; atmosphere; vibration; true learning; the primal divine spark of life —– the light-seed of God consciousness in every human being.

The intention is, and always has been, that this light and power should shine and operate freely, because SHM is the very creative word, the very creative principle, the divine DNA. This light can never be quenched, but it can experience such poor conditions, limited as it is by mankind’s worries, judgement and prejudice, that we can’t see in the dark. Only when our hardened hearts become softened does SHM get the chance to illuminate the way, because The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. (Lars Muhl 84)”

Thus, light is one of many qualities of SHM within us. To be a light-worker is to devote ourselves to strengthening our core being so that, whatever the circumstances, “light and power shine and operate freely” through us.

Anthony Deavin

Group Work & Angelic Communication

The core work of the Kosmon tradition has always been to create the energetic conditions which enable groups to make direct contact with the angelic realm so that co-creation may take place for the benefit of all.

George Morley gives us the following teaching from Oahspe, which clearly states that the Creative Intent is achieved by the working together of mankind with the angelic realm:

In Kosmon we say that the Father does his will through His angels and the souls of men. (How to build. Trance address in A Path of Light. p35)

The angelic realm can only work with us on the physical plane if our energy level is raised sufficiently for them to be able to make contact with us. At The Kosmon Sanctuary we are blessed to be able to meet in a room with particularly high energy, called The Sanctum, which helps greatly to raise the vibrational level of the group meeting.

In a trance address, George Morley, one of the founders of the Kosmon Tradition, spoke eloquently of angelic communication:

In this temple you build up a body or sphere of light, and your loved ones in spirit can come to you because you are giving them conditions or vibrations which they can take unto themselves and so make closer contact with you. It is not easy, you know, to contact your plane from ours. But you can help greatly by providing the right conditions by entering the ritual, the prayers, the hymns, the chants, the melodies; everything acts as a formula in producing vibrations. Then brethren in spirit come down the rays of light sent by God to you, so that they may be united with you at your service. We want you. That is why we come to speak with you. We want to touch that little spiritual centre in the spiritual heart. We want to lead you to become a worker for the kingdom of light on earth. (Ibid p38)

The Zodiac in the Ceiling of The Sanctum
The Circle of Light created by the Candles of the Group

The Sanctum provides us with the perfect conditions for angelic communication. In group work dedicated to world healing, the stained-glass zodiac in the ceiling of The Sanctum provides the perfect visual image of light emanating from the angelic realm. The circle of candles, one for each group member, on the round table beneath the zodiac, is the perfect symbol of the light emanating from our earth plane. In our group work, we seek to unite these sources of light for the purpose of world healing.

The Intelligence of Nature

Pussy Willow

The Flowers of Pussy Willow before opening – These appear at the end of Winter
The Male Flower of Pussy Willow – The photo shows stamens with pollen
The Female Flower of Pussy Willow – The photo shows stigma awaiting pollination
Mature Ovaries of Pussy Willow – Ovaries have opened to release fluffy white mature seeds
Cluster of Wind-blown White Fluffy Pussy Willow Seeds with Attached Dandelion Seed

The soft silver tufts, which appear at the end of Winter, are so named for their resemblance to tiny cats’ paws. These tufts are actually flowers, just before they open. The soft coating of hairs acts as insulation to protect these early bloomers from cold temperatures; male stamens and female sigma will grow out of their soft grey covering in warmer weather during March. Pollination is by the wind. Such is the intelligence of Nature.

White fluffy mature seeds, individually like tiny dandelion “umbrella” seeds, form white clouds of seeds in April, blown around by the wind.

Anthony Deavin

Making Flat Bread from Sprouted Grain

On August 1st, we celebrated Lammas (Gaelic: Lughnasadh), the Celtic festival which honours the beginning of harvest, typified especially with harvesting the first grain and the making of bread with the fresh wheat.

We wondered how bread would have been made in early times and took inspiration from Yeshua’s (Jesus’) description in The Gospel of Peace (Vol.1.) Yeshua describes sprouting the grain instead of making flour, followed by baking in the sun. He was speaking of Palestinian weather of course, so for us on most days we would use an oven with gentle heat. Yeshua describes his method in terms of working with the elements of air, fire and water; the grain itself representing earth. Here is a quotation from The Gospel of Peace:

Let the angels of God prepare your bread. Moisten your wheat so that the angel of water may enter it. Then set it in the air, that the angel of air may embrace it. And leave it from morning to evening in the sun, that the angel of sunshine may descend upon it. And the blessing of the three angels will soon make the germ of life to sprout your wheat. Then crush your grain, and make thin wafers. Put them beneath the sun as it appears at sunrise, and when it has risen to its highest in the heavens, turn them over onto the other side that they may be embraced by the angel of sunshine, and leave them there until the sun be set. For the angels of water, of air, and of sunshine fed and ripened the wheat in the field, and they likewise must also prepare your bread.

Sprouted Wheat
Flat-Bread made from crushed Sprouted Wheat

We found information on the internet (Sprouted Wheat Flatbread – Spark Recipes) which enabled us to follow Yeshua’s principles for preparing bread in our climate and culture. This method of preparing flat-bread from sprouted wheat, not flour, realises the full nutritional potential of the wheat without any additions, e.g. yeast, other than water. The mild sweetness of the flat bread is the result of the sprouting process which converts carbohydrates in the grain into simple sugars.

Wheat is soaked in water overnight, swelling and softening in the process, drained, and spread on a flat surface. It is sprayed occasionally to keep the grain moist. The grain is allowed to sprout until the roots start to appear, as shown in the photo. This takes about 2 days. Slow down germination in the fridge if you are not ready for the next stage – making a course dough.

The dough is prepared by crushing the sprouted wheat in a blender. Some blenders may not succeed in making dough from sprouted wheat, in which case a pestle and mortar could be used. Make quarter- inch thick wafers and bake both sides at 180 degrees Centigrade, about 17 mins each side. The flatbread will be dry on the surface but moist inside.

We passed round flat bread prepared in this way round the group, who found it tasty, mildly sweet, and satisfying.

Anthony Deavin

Charitable Donations

The Trustees continue to make monthly charitable donations to support efforts in the community which give so much support and practical help in these troubled times.

Teenage Cancer Trust: Provides care and support for people aged 13-24.

Tadworth and Walton Overseas Trust: Provides help for communities in poor countries with funds for small scale projects.

Marie Curie: Provides care and support for those with terminal illness and their families.

Kingston Spiritualist Church: Financial help to support refurbishment.

Four Paws: Global animal welfare organisation working to rescue animals from suffering in captivity and the wild.

Centre Point: This charity provides accommodation and support for homeless people aged 16 – 25.

Emmaus Homeless Charity: Provides assistance to help the homeless work their way out of homelessness.