Gong Sound Healing

The gong has, for aeons, been a sacred instrument for raising the consciousness and healing. The harmonics and frequencies can be felt at the molecular level of our DNA. Old energy is released as your body is essentially being retuned, theta brainwaves are produced and in the relaxed and meditative state we connect with universal healing energy.

I work with intuitively, acting as a channel through which spirit can flow to produce the sounds that are needed at the time. It’s always gentle – no crashing involved.

Please bring mats and blankets so that you are warm and comfortable.

If you would like to join us, please contact Lin Crane on 07919 484 317 and let her know if you expect to come. Please also let her know if you have arranged to come but circumstances change for you. This is important as a place can be given to another person. Thank you.

Next Event

Date: 6th March 2022
Time: 2.00 pm
Cost: £15