Newsletter #9 Autumn 2017/Winter 2018

The restored zodiac in The Sanctuary at Spinney Cottage

Hello, welcome to our Autumn 2017 / Winter 2018 newsletter.


  1. Renovation of Spinney Cottage
  2. Prayer
  3. Sandhill Wood – Extensive Clearing Work
  4. Sandhill Wood – Horse Chestnut Disease
  5. Sandhill Wood – Sweet Chestnuts
  6. Observation of Nature in the Garden – The Strawberry Tree
  7. Observation of Nature in the Garden – The Walnut Tree
  8. Observation of Nature in the Garden – Butterflies

Renovation of Spinney Cottage

During 2017, the trustees began the extensive refurbishment of Spinney Cottage, work which will continue in 2018. The photograph above shows the renovated zodiac which, since the 1950s, has been situated in the ceiling of The Sanctum which we reserve for world healing and meditation.


Prayer has always formed part of human endeavour from time immemorial, though currently secular attitudes would seek to deny its value. What is required of us is to re-express for our current age an understanding of prayer, and its fundamental importance for the troubled times in which we are living. The following quotation from Oahspe (1.) explains the significance of prayer for our spiritual development:

Your soul yearned for the wise of old and they pointed you to the All Light (Universal Source of creation)You search for His Light, but you see only dimly. In this you may perceive that prayer is the key.

Prayer is desire expressed.——-He who desires of corpor (material world) shall receive from corpor, and he who desires of es (unseen world, spirit) shall receive from es.

Unless you express the desires of your soul through prayer, they remain elusive, for prayer sharpens the vague into crystallisation. (2.)

Darkness, whether in ourselves, others, or the world in general, is something we all encounter. The following quotation from Oahspe views darkness as necessary for our development, and hence our ability to help others. Prayer provides our support for this journey:

Be circumspect in decrying darkness. Is it not good to judge by the light of your own experience and understanding?———- How else can you learn of your own conceit but through the errors stemming from your own darkness? ———For if you had no darkness you would not savour the light. Moreover,———-you shall show others how to live in the light, so that they may rejoice in their lives.——— In your prayers to the All Light you shall find the light and the way. (3.)

George Morley, one of the founders of the Kosmon Tradition, gave a remarkable trance address in 1930 on the power of prayer. He describes in vivid terms the energetic manifestations of prayer, and the unification with the angelic realm which enhances the power of prayer:

One of the great secrets of spiritual growth is the use of the power of prayer. This is very definite, because prayer is a formula which causes us to focus our hearts and minds toward the All Creative Centre from which everything proceeds into creation.

By prayer we put ourselves into harmony with, and become receptive to, the forces which are proceeding from that Great Centre. Whatever there is within us which can respond to a hidden power immediately awakens. Here is an example: We pray “Thy Kingdom come on earth” The moment we begin to focus our minds, we put ourselves into association with those powers which are making for the founding of the Kingdom.

If, therefore, we would be builders, if we would work for the founding of the Kingdom, we must exercise the power of prayer. Prayer is not only asking that some benefit be given to mankind, it is the absolute acknowledgement of the existence and presence of the All-pervading Intelligence whom we call by many names.

The moment the worshipper turns his mind toward the Father in prayer a vibration begins in his spiritual or etheric body, which the seer will observe as the colour royal blue, often tinged with silver or the palest lilac. This is how the angels will see him. At the same time wonderful thought forms arise from his aura; these are vortices, little whirlpools of light with a diamond-shaped figure at the centre of each, especially when a whole congregation is united in prayer.

The effect of those rising pinnacles of light on the immediate spirit surroundings is very remarkable indeed. Dark spirits, earth-bound, slink away; or if they respond to the inspiration of those who would rescue them, they are drawn slowly towards the light, and thus receive the quickening power which helps them to break the bonds that bond them to the earthly level.

When these thought forms rise they create vibrations which live for a very long time. Can you think then of the world engaged in prayer for thousands of years, helping to negate the dark emanations of hatred, malice, lust or jealousy? It is by this power of prayer that the world is kept stable.

With these thoughts in mind, let us see how far people of faith can work in the founding of the Kingdom by using the power of prayer. When you gather together, as in church, and are aware of the presence of the angels who minister to you–their work like yours is to further the coming of the kingdom of light—they unite with you. They blend their thought with your collective prayer and thus produce a double effect.

How does this unity with the angels take place? There are points of light within your spiritual body, sometimes called psychic centres. When you meet for worship and service , those points glow with light. One of the angels who is particularly linked with you, stands behind you and projects a light ray unto you. As you and the angel pray together, there is an interplay of etheric forces between you which may flow out even through the physical aura—the magnetic emanation which is constantly flowing off from the physical body. There is also a flowing out to the spiritual sphere from which the angel is manifesting. Thus are expressed between you light, harmony and power. (4.)


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Anthony Deavin

Sandhill Wood – Extensive Clearing Work

Our beautiful ancient woodland has been neglected for many years. Over the past 6 years Roger Collis has done wonderful work, working mainly alone. Roger, together with Janet Collis, has agreed a 10 year restoration programme with the Forestry Commission.

This year, following this plan, the woodland has been cleared of invasive rhododendrons, holly, bracken and brambles and a path created around the perimeter, together with some additional paths. The transformation has been extraordinary: new vistas have been opened up and impenetrable areas opened up for easy access.

Sandhill Wood – Horse Chestnut Disease

We will all be familiar with the brown leaves which develop on horse chestnut trees, often turning the whole tree brown during the summer. This is due to the larvae of the moth Cameraria chridella, which mine the leaves, destroying the leaf tissue. We have one horse chestnut tree in Sandhill Wood which was badly infected in 2016.

The larvae pupate in the leaves and overwinter in the fallen leaves. In Spring the moths emerge and lay their eggs in the leaves, thus continuing the infection. To control the infection, last autumn we collected all the fallen leaves and burnt them. During 2017 there has been a dramatic improvement, as shown in the photos.

Sandhill Wood – Sweet Chestnuts

There are many sweet chestnut trees in Sandhill Wood as is to be expected for a wood which served the needs of Walton Manor, probably for hundreds of years. Sweet Chestnut, a very durable wood, splits easily down the grain and was used for fencing, cladding, decking, tables and heating. The nuts are edible, best cooked on a fire as we have done this year.

In the past, chestnut trees would have been pollarded to produce wood suitable for the estate. The photo shows an old chestnut tree with three trunks, presumably the result of past pollarding. It has a girth of 15 feet!

Observation in Nature in the Garden – The Strawberry Tree

About 5 years ago, a strawberry tree was planted in the Kosmon Sanctuary garden, where it has thrived and has now started to bear fruit. The flowers are white with a mild sweet scent, produced in the autumn, and pollinated by bees. The fruit is an edible red berry, slightly sweet with the texture of a ripe fig. It matures in about 12 months, so that in the autumn both flowers and fruit appear together!

Observation in Nature in the Garden – The Walnut Tree

The walnut tree has separate male and female flowers. One photo shows the female stigma with the developing ovary below which will develop into the mature walnut. The male catkin, which carries the pollen for wind pollination, is also illustrated. When at the end of August the walnut is fully developed, the green case starts to split, revealing the familiar walnut inside. On the ground the walnut may germinate, the shoot passing through a tiny hole provided by nature in the hard case, which we need nutcrackers to crush! It is amazing how nature works.

Observation of Nature in the Garden – Butterflies

During 2017 we left a small area of former lawn unmown in order to allow the growth of grasses and wild flowers. The dominant wild flowers to grow were red-clover, ragwort, and bird’s foot trefoil, while nearby there is an abundance of comfrey. We have been delighted with the variety of butterflies making use of this area, and plan to develop an area of meadow in the future. The photograph shows the meadow brown butterfly.