Newsletter #1 Winter 2014/2015

Kosmon Sanctuary Woodland

This newsletter, which we intend to produce four times a year, will keep you in touch with the growth, development and aspirations of the Kosmon Sanctuary. We are a charity, and, like all charities, our charitable work is defined by the object of the charity, which we are duty bound to adhere to. Our charity was established in 1966. The object of the charity, agreed to with the charity commission at that time, is as follows:

The Advancement of Religion in accordance with the teachings contained in the
Kosmon bible known as Oahspe.

During last year the Trustees corresponded extensively with the Charity Commission with a view to changing the wording of our object to a definition which better reflected the charitable work which we wished to undertake, expressed in language which all could understand. In particular, we were aware that we were custodians of a unique resource of ancient woodland (Sandhill Wood), gardens, and extensive views, all embraced within an atmosphere of tranquillity conducive to enabling visitors to connect with their spiritual selves.

The Trustees wish was to include explicitly in our object reference to environmental and educational work, in addition to facilitating activities which, in Charity Commission language, fall under the heading of Advancement of Religion. However, the Charity Commission have not allowed us to make any change in our object, which remains as stated above.

The decision of the Charity Commission not to allow a change in our object means that the Trustees are duty bound to further the Charity’s object as stated in its original form. This created quite a dilemma, given that most of the trustees had little or no knowledge of the teachings of Oahspe which they were required to promote!

However, there is clearly an overall guidance governing the flow of events within the Charity, for study of Oahspe has revealed a profound universal teaching of which the Trustees had not been aware. This being so, fulfilling the requirements of our object is not a problem. Indeed, the breadth of the subject matter contained in Oahspe is such that activities already taking place at the Kosmon Sanctuary are anticipated within the text of Oahspe.

For example, it seemed so right to encourage our local Little School on the Green Nursery to use the gardens and woodland as support for their new venture as a Forest School as well as extending this facility to the local Beaver Scout group and the Reception class at Walton on the Hill Primary School. To see young children absorbing the atmosphere of a natural environment, supported by instruction from caring adults, is very special and so obviously an invaluable resource for their physical, mental and spiritual development.

Here is what Oahspe has to say about the vital need for physical, mental and spiritual education of children from an early age. The quotations are taken from the Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth, modern language edition.

“Now, behold, I say to you all, men and women, as such, cannot harmonise together. They are diverse in all their ideas and general knowledge. The only way to accomplish the Father’s Kingdom is through infants, to raise them up in the way they should go.” (Ch.3)

“To simply teach the child the botany, without reference to the spirituality that underlies all living things, would have little effect in turning the child’s thoughts to its own life and growth in spirit.” (Ch.9)

“Among their (the children’s) first lessons of labour were those in the gardens, teaching them how to plant; teaching them the names of seeds, flowers, plants, trees and all growing things; explaining to them how Jehovih, (the ultimate source of creation) by his Ever Presence, gives life, growth and form to all things.” (Ch.13)

Little School on the Green

Two years ago Little School on the Green Nursery approached the Kosmon Sanctuary with regard to using Sandhill Wood for our new venture as a Forest School.


We were thrilled to be granted permission to use the beautiful woodland. At the nursery we only have a tiny garden so the need for more space to play, learn and explore was very important.

Being a Forest School means moving our learning and development outside. Without the constraints and barriers of being inside four walls children learn in a much more natural and holistic way whilst reconnecting with nature.

Forest School is all about building self-confidence and self-help skills, giving children time to reflect, think, reconsider and take the initiative in their learning and play. For many children it’s the only time they get to venture outside, move and explore freely. Nursery teachers and parents have noticed the huge benefits of Forest School for our children.


I have been providing voluntary Forest School taster sessions for Reception class at Walton on the Hill Primary School through the summer term and am now in a position to offer more sessions to the other year groups.

I have also become more involved in our local Beaver Scout group for children age 5 – 7 and have used the woodland for a couple of practical sessions with plans to utilise the woods more in future. The fun and learning that has taken place would cover several pages so I will summarise our favourite activities here: toasting marshmallows, climbing trees, building dens, cooking dinosaur soup, discovering habitats, rescuing a baby bird, watching tadpoles grow and hatch.

Going to Forest School is the highlight of my day. Being lucky enough to watch the seasons change in Sandhill Wood means there’s always something new to notice or explore, something I don’t think the children will ever tire of.

Claire Whitton – part-time teacher at Walton on the Hill Primary school and Little School on the Green Nursery, and Colony Assistant at 1st Walton on the Hill Beaver Scouts.

Refurbishment & More!

The Trustees have been very busy over the last few years, having inherited some sadly dilapidated properties (Upper & Lower Flats of the North Wing of Walton Manor and West Cottage, situated at the rear of Spinney Cottage) we set about sympathetic restoration to bring them back to their former glory and I’m pleased to report that our refurbishment projects have had a successful outcome thanks not only to the builders and contractors’ efforts but also those of the Trustees, some of whom generously loaned the much needed finances to enable the renovations to take place.

Maureen Green was our Trustee project manager who kept the work running smoothly under, at times, difficult circumstances – well done Maureen! All three properties are now homes to families keen to enjoy living in listed buildings situated in glorious surroundings.

At the same time, Anthony Deavin has been in charge of bringing new life back to the gardens and grounds. The old orchard is being restored, the former vegetable garden cleared, and many varieties of fruit trees planted. I’m sure those of you familiar with the Sanctuary will have noticed the continuing transformation of our outside space.

The photographs show before and after the removal of the tall hedge which surrounded the West Cottage.

Tall hedge surrounding West Cottage garden blocking the view
Tall hedge removed opening up the view over the Downs