Newsletter #8 Spring/Summer 2017

Sunflower Spiral

Hello, welcome to our Spring & Summer 2017 newsletter.


  1. Creation & Vortices
  2. The Task of the Kosmon Sanctuary
  3. The Orchard

Creation & Vortices

In the books channelled in 1881, known as Oahspe (1.), creation is seen as the result of the action of vortices generated by the “One All Light”, the Source of creation. These vortices act on the subtle energy within space to create the physical worlds.

Illustration of Vortices from Oahspe (6.)
Illustration of Vortices from Oahspe (6.)

In the following quotations, the familiar whirlwind is given as a way of comprehending the nature of the vortex.

“The  whirlwind I made as a sign to man of the manner of my created worlds. (“manner”: the way a thing is done.)  As you see the power of the whirlwind gathering up the dust of the earth——-by the power of the whirlwind I create the corporeal suns, moons and stars.”  (2.)

“Behold, I make a whirlwind in etherea (energy within space)  hundreds and hundreds of millions of miles across, and it drives to the centre a corporeal world from that which was unseen.”  (3.)

Thus, according to Oahspe, the subtle energy of space contained within the vortex coalesces to produce the forms of our physical existence. This dynamic view is the same understanding as that of ancient man and of modern physics:

“The Palaeolithic shaman’s insight is that all things are swirls of energy, vortexes of moving forces, currents in an ever-changing sea. Underlying the appearance of separateness, of fixed objects within a linear stream of time, reality is a field of energies that congeal, temporarily, into forms. In time, all “fixed” things dissolve, only to coalesce again into new forms, into new vehicles. (4.)”

“In physics, we recognise the dynamic nature of the universe, not only when we go to small dimensions – to the world of atoms and nuclei – but also when we turn to large dimensions – to the world of stars and galaxies. (5.)

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh painted the swirling forces of creation in his picture: Starry Night. He wrote:

“First of all the twinkling stars vibrated, but remained motionless in space, then all the celestial globes were united into one series of movements—–Firmament and planets both disappeared, but the mighty breath which gives life to all things and in which all is bound up remained. (7.)

The Vortex in Nature

We do not need to have access to Van Gogh’s extraordinary perception in order to appreciate the presence of the spiral and vortex in nature: the sunflower, featured at the beginning of this newsletter, and the snail’s shell are both very familiar to us, as are also the extraordinary phenomena of crop circles.

The Snail's Shell Vortex
The Snail’s Shell Vortex
Cacti Spiral Vortex
Cacti Spiral Vortex

Cacti can also be very revealing. The picture shows a cactus which generates a very strong field of energy. This can easily be detected with the palm of the hand placed over the top of the cactus: it feels “spongy”. The hairs of the cactus are not straight, but rather twisted to follow the form of the energy vortex within which they are growing.

Vortices in Sandhill Wood

We have used dowsing rods in Sandhill Wood to search for energy vortices, with great success. As reported in previous newsletters, there are several circles of trees in Sandhill Wood, which we believe were planted in the mid nineteenth century: 6 of yew trees and one each of sycamore and holly.

Dowsing demonstrates that all of these tree circles are growing within an energy vortex. However, we do not detect an energy vortex for single trees, i.e. trees not growing as part of a circle. The striking exceptions to this are a few single oak trees which grow with twisting branches and thickening of the trunk. It seems that deformed growth can occur if a tree grows in the region of a strong energy vortex. (8.) We envisage devising a walk in the woods which connects the energy centres so that we can discover the value of such a walk for individuals and groups.

Circle of very old holly trees growing within an energy vortex
Circle of very old holly trees growing within an energy vortex
Single oak tree growing within an energy vortex
Single oak tree growing within an energy vortex


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The Task of the Kosmon Sanctuary

In September 1963, the Minister of The Kosmon Church, Frank Morley, gave a trance address to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Kosmon Church. This address contained a clear presentation of the task of The Kosmon Church, now called The Kosmon Sanctuary, a task that is totally relevant today. It is a statement of the work needed at this time of rapid change and turmoil.

“The Kosmon Fraternity was given a very big task, one that will go on for centuries yet.

First of all it had to help restore the ancient faith as it was before all the orthodox religions came into being, the simple faith that was given to man when he first  stood upright on the earth 80.000 years ago. What was that faith? It was the knowledge of the One Supreme Being, the Infinite Mind, the Father of all, and the realisation of the power of that Mind within the individual soul, the source of all consciousness, strength and inspiration. That is the fundamental ideal from the ancient times which is renewed today, that the Creator is One, but that He expresses Himself through myriads of worlds and stars and solar systems, as He does through the myriads of human souls, not only on this planet but on many others.

The second great ideal of this ancient faith was the realisation that life is eternal and that so-called death is but the ending of one phase and the beginning of another.

The third great ideal was that of the spiritual brotherhood of man. Since the Creator is Father of all, then we are all His children, spiritual sisters and brothers.

It was this faith which the Kosmon Church came to restore. It came to set man free from dogmas and creeds which might hinder his spiritual progress and the full development of all the faculties within him. It came to set him free from superstition and spiritual ignorance.

There is another thing the Kosmon Church came to do, and here we touch on deeper matters. This is a New Age into which the earth is passing, and signs of it are seen particularly in the development of scientific discovery the last hundred years. But with all the forward movement there is coming into the world a new race. In the midst of all existing nations a new type of human being is gradually coming. Little children will come to earth endowed with a strange intuition for spiritual things almost from birth, knowing by a profound understanding that they are watched over by wonderful beings from the heavenly spheres. They will grow to manhood and womanhood being moved by the ideal of changing the world and making it a place of beauty and of peace for all humanity. It is the new race, then, for which we are working.”

The above quotation expresses with great clarity the work undertaken for many years by The Kosmon Church, work which the trustees of The Kosmon Sanctuary seek to continue. In particular, we intend to use our unique facilities to support the education of children in a natural environment where they may establish within themselves a deep experience of peace, beauty and harmony.

The Orchard

In the grounds of The Kosmon Sanctuary there is an old apple tree orchard planted about 70 years ago. Over the past 5 years we have worked to restore the vigour of the trees, which had suffered from many years of neglect.

We have extended the orchard by planting other apple varieties, as well as pears, cherries, damson, quince, medlar, peach, apricot, and mulberry. The earliest blossom is that of peach and apricot in mid March, followed in chronological order by cherry plumb, damson, pear, apple and cherry from the end of March to the end of April.

Medlar and quince blossom from the end of May to early June, so we can now expect to see fruit tree blossom over a period of about 10 weeks. As well as an abundance of fruit, we anticipate that our orchard will provide a valuable educational recourse in the future, especially for children.

The Orchard: Cherry Plumb blossom March 27th 2017
The Orchard: Cherry Plumb blossom March 27th 2017
The Orchard: Cherry Plum fruit ripening. July 5th 2017
The Orchard: Cherry Plum fruit ripening. July 5th 2017