Newsletter #3 Summer 2015

This is Sandhill Wood in the summer with rich green foliage, tall bracken, blue skies and sunshine.

Hello and welcome to our Summer 2015 newsletter.


In this Summer Edition of the Newsletter you will find information on the Kosmon Tradition’s understanding of Man’s Spiritual Journey, the education of the “Beavers”, and the work of the Healing Sanctuary.

Man’s Spiritual Journey

In Oahspe it is recorded that Ka’yu (Confucius), who taught in ancient China 2,500 years ago, was asked:

What is the destination of the souls of men?

Ka’yu answered:

When man dies, his spirit is born into the air of the earth, which is the intermediate world, where it sojourns until sufficiently purified, and is reverential to the Creator; and then it is taken up by His angels to dwell in the higher heavens forever.

Ka’yu was further asked:

What shall mortal man do for the benefit of his own spirit?

Ka’yu answered:

He shall love the Creator with all his soul, and strive to emulate Him in good works, gentleness and love. [1]

The ancient Chinese understanding of the Creator, as expressed in the Tao Teh Ching [2], is identical with that of the Kosmon tradition. Both speak of a Presence totally beyond definition, a definition which our religious tradition attempts in terms of qualities such as merciful, vengeful or forgiving. In the words of Frank Morley:

The Creator, the Supreme being——is a Spirit, a Presence, a Mind unlimited by space or time, who reveals Himself through His creations, through the stars, through every grain of sand, through every flower, both in this world and the next. [3]

The quotation from Ka’yu does not envisage heaven as one “place” of blissful existence such as is generally understood in Christianity, but rather consists of “layers” or “planes”, through which, after death, we may ascend, coming ever “closer” to the ultimate Source. In the intermediate world, purification and increasing reverence for the Creator takes place. One is then ready to ascend to the higher heavens. So the Kosmon Tradition views our life as a journey, which, starting in the physical body, continues through regions beyond the physical, approaching ever closer to the ultimate Source of our being.

In Oahspe, death is called The First Resurrection. Here, “resurrection” is used in the sense of release, namely, the release of the person from physical embodiment and entry into Ka’yu’s “intermediate world”. In this world there remains an attachment to and interest in the physical world. With purification, for which much help and support is available, the person is cleansed of what we would term today ego, conditioning and trauma, until they are ready to enter Ka’yu’s higher heavens. Entry to the higher heavens is a process of release called the Second Resurrection in Oahspe. In the higher heavens there is little attachment to the physical world. [3]

It is through the spiritual ministry of beings in the higher heavens that “the world is inspired to help itself to establish universal brotherhood, to work for all those good things that humanise society, to bridge the gulf between different nations and to advance toward a better state of life and health.” [4] The Kosmon Tradition has always been aware of the crucial importance for mankind of the beings in the higher heavens, the angelic realm, and in all its work has sought to work in cooperation with them.

There is a further stage in spiritual development, not referred to in the quotation from Ka’yu, called the Third Resurrection in Oahspe. This plane is the highest in which there remains a connection with this planet. At this vibrational level the saying of Jesus: “I and my Father are One.” [5,6] is a reality. Beyond this, there is no longer any earth connection: the person enters a region which Oahspe calls Etherea. This stage is expressed beautifully in Elizabeth Burrows’ rendering of teaching by Jesus, not available in the four gospels:

Meld with the central core of the Holy Light, for there your Heavenly Father brings you unto himself. And in that moment you will no longer remember earth, but you will bathe in the Holy River of Light, which flows from God throughout all creation. [7]

Anthony Deavin


  1. Oahspe: God’s Book of Eskra. C35, V15-18. Note that our books on the sayings of Confucius (Ka’yu) do not contain his spiritual perspective given in Oahspe, but record only his views on living a good life, e.g. good governance and kindness towards others. The spiritual teaching of Confucius, recorded in in Oahspe, must have been known by his many disciples, for without a spiritual dimension his influence could not have lasted for 2,500 years.
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1st Walton on the Hill Beaver Scouts

The Beaver Scouts are the youngest branch of the Scout movement for children aged 5¾ to 8. Originally just for boys it’s now open to girls although 1st Walton doesn’t yet have any girls in the troop.


We meet once a week during term time aiming to have fun, make friends and try new things. As Beavers complete tasks or take part in new experiences they work towards being awarded Activity and Challenge badges. If Beavers achieve all their Challenge badges they are awarded the Chief Scout Bronze award.

At 1st Walton-on-the-Hill we have been keen to take the Beaver troop outside as much as possible. Our troop consists of 17 lively children who benefit hugely from removing the constraints of being indoors. We have planned a varied and active programme to help them achieve their badges and, in so doing, enjoy themselves and try new things.

Visiting Sandhill Woods provides us with an environment bursting with opportunities. So far we have:

  • had our fireworks night party in the woods lighting sparklers and having a small fire in the pitch dark, just using our head torches to find our way
  • followed a trail of arrows made from sticks to lead the way to our Easter egg hunt in the woods
  • considered life in the future, conservation and how we need to care for our world, we painted pictures of what we thought our world might look like in the future
  • enjoyed a picnic tea in the woods ensuring we packed our own things including everything we might need for a healthy picnic

Plans for the future could include obstacle courses, learning how to use knots, building shelters, cooking over the fire, etc. Our Beavers move on to Cubs (for 8-10 year olds) and then Scouts (10-14 years). We are aiming to instil a love and respect for their natural environment at a young age that will stay with them as they grow and mature.

Claire Whitton (Colony Assistant at 1st Walton on the Hill Beaver Scouts)

The Healing Sanctuary

Here at the Healing Sanctuary, we have a team of volunteer therapists offering a wide range of treatments, all in quiet, relaxing and peaceful surroundings.

Our team is available every Monday, with appointments at 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 1:30 pm, and currently provides Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, and Theta Healing.

All our therapists are fully qualified and insured.

Sally and Mary, who run The Healing Sanctuary, invite prospective new clients to look around the Sanctuary and to discuss which therapy would probably best suit their individual needs. Apart from receiving therapy, all who come are welcome to just sit and enjoy refreshments with us, taking time out from their work or life circumstances.

Our clients appreciate the safe, supportive, and confidential environment, and the beautiful garden is available as a relaxing space before or after treatment. Our reception volunteers offer refreshments and a listening ear.

The Healing Sanctuary would like to take this opportunity to once again say thank you to one of our clients who very kindly painted our healing room.

We can be contacted by visiting the Healing Sanctuary website and emailing us through the Contact page or by calling us on 07864 844 213. If we don’t answer straight away, please do leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also find us on Facebook.

Sally Flaxman & Mary Halsall

Origins of the Healing Sanctuary

The Healing Sanctuary was originally established by the Kosmon Tradition (Kosmon Church) about 2003. It should be explained that The Kosmon Tradition has, for decades, been concerned with what we would call these days distant healing and blessing. For example, for many years distant healing was given for all those affected by war, including those swept up in the holocaust and those experiencing violent and sudden death. This took place when The Kosmon Church was based in London, at Balham.

In the 1950s, the Church moved to Walton-on-the Hill. Included in the extraordinary work undertaken here was the sending of blessings to unborn children, so that they would have the new light established within them, in their souls, thereby becoming receptive to guidance from the angelic realm for their journey on earth.

As they grew up, such children would not be bound by ego and conditioning to the extent that is the case for most people. With their strong connection to spirit, such people are able to raise the vibrational level on earth and help mankind transcend prevalent destructive beliefs and practices.

In the early 2000s, Peter Andrews, minister of the Kosmon Church, and Michael Worley, chair of the trustees, were approached by healers who wished to offer personal healing, i.e. healing in the physical presence of the patient rather than distant healing. Hence began the Healing Sanctuary, which continues to the present day, led by the devoted work of Sally Flaxman and Mary Halsall.

Although the healers of The Healing Sanctuary were not familiar with the decades of healing work of the Kosmon Church, Peter Andrews welcomed this personal healing as work which was totally compatible with the ethos of the Kosmon Tradition. Moreover, the establishment of the Healing Sanctuary was seen as an expression of the need to open up the work of the Kosmon Tradition.

The Kosmon Sanctuary Group, which meets on the second Saturday afternoon of each month, 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm, seeks to re-establish the Kosmon Tradition of distant healing, work which is seen as vital for humanity at the present time.

Anthony Deavin