Overview of the Work of The Kosmon Sanctuary

The Kosmon Sanctuary is a charity whose purpose is to provide public service in accordance with the objects of the charity, established in 1966. Our website, www.kosmonsanctuary.org, contains an overview of the history of the Kosmon Sanctuary.

The objects of the charity are as follows:

  • The Advancement of Religion in accordance with the Teachings contained in the Kosmon Bible Oahspe.

The Kosmon Sanctuary offers a range of facilities, which include use of our ancient woodland and gardens and indoor spaces for a variety of group activities, all of which enable us to fulfil the objects of the charity. The purpose of this article is to explain the objects, which to most people make but little sense, and to demonstrate that our current activities are an authentic contemporary expression of the intent of the objects.

It is important to appreciate that the Kosmon Bible Oahspe was the inspiration for the foundation of the Kosmon Church, now called The Kosmon Sanctuary, in 1904. The ministers George and Frank Morley, though their profound trance channelling, established forms of service and teaching which contained the essence of Oahspe. Many members of the Kosmon Church also contributed to the teachings of the Kosmon Tradition. These services and teachings sustained the practice of the Church from the early 20th Century for nearly one hundred years. The services aimed to be conduit of light in a time of darkness, a tradition continued in the Kosmon Sanctuary services today.

The Significance and meaning of the Words used in the Objects


Oahspe is the name given to the books channelled in 1881 by J.B. Newbrough which came to be known as The Kosmon Bible. “Kosmon” in contemporary language means “New Age”. Oahspe was indeed very far-sighted. Long before the words “New Age” became common currency, the teachings of Oahspe spoke of an age of harmony to come, despite the prevalence of chaos and suffering. This teaching is widely taught today.

The word Oahspe consists of three syllables or sounds which are said to be derived from the Panic language, the first language of the earth. These sounds are: “O” – the sound of wonder arising from contemplation of the heavens; “AH” the sound of wonder at the earth’s fullness; “SPE” – the voice of the unseen, of spirit. So Oahspe teaches about the heavens, the earth and spirit. (Kosmon Unity. Nov. 1977. P.20.)

The aim of Oahspe as stated in the first chapter is:

  • “to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator’s voice, and to see His Heavens, in full consciousness, while still living on the earth, and to know in truth, the place and condition awaiting them after death.”


Since our charity is concerned with “The Advancement of Religion”, we need to be clear as to the meaning of “religion” in the context of the Kosmon Tradition.

According to a dictionary definition, the meaning of religion is: “The service and adoration of God or a god as expressed in forms of worship; one of the systems of faith and worship.” The Kosmon Tradition had a much broader understanding of “religion” than this. The following quotation from Frank Morley, given in 1955, highlights the breadth of his understanding and its relevance for the times in which we live:

  • Real Religion is quite unknown to the majority of the children of the Earth. Real religion is not merely the acquiescence to certain ideas of ideals; it does not consist in following dogmas or a set of rigid formulae. Religion is to be understood as a mode of life, a living force, not a dead observance.
  • Religion, therefore, for the peoples of the future, must be that which helps them to realise their own true nature, their inner self, with all its possibilities, many of them undreamt of at present, and will help them to bring their lives into a condition of profound and sustaining harmony. This harmony will itself be the echo or reflection of the fundamental harmony which is at the basis of creation, and which people of faith call “The One All Light”.

All activities at The Kosmon Sanctuary aim in to help participants realise their own true nature and to experience harmony and peace, exactly as expressed in the above quotation.

In the quotation above, Frank Morley uses the expression “The One All Light” to indicate the ultimate unknowable and indescribable Source of creation. “Light” is the perfect word symbol to use for The Source. We are related to the Source as a ray of light is related to the Light, or the sunbeam is related to the Sun.

In Oahspe, the word “Jehovih” is generally used rather than “Light”. The origin of the word “Jehovih” is explained by George Morley, one of the founders of the Kosmon Tradition in this country in the early 20th Century, in the following quotation:

  • Most of our Christian brethren refer to the All Highest as God. But the word God is really a description, an ancient word meaning a ruler. The Infinite is more than that. Oahspe tells us that in very ancient days people called Him E – O – Ih: As they listened to the sounds of the winds blowing through the trees, they imitated that sound, and said that that must be the Name of the Creator. These sounds became the word Jehovih. ( “How to Build” in “A Path of Light”, published by The Kosmon Press; Oahspe, Book of Jehovih, Ch.1.)

For the Kosmon tradition, the ultimate Source is something totally beyond recognisable qualities and attributes, e.g., merciful, compassionate, judgemental. Interestingly, the meaning of Jehovih is identical with that of Tao, described in the Tao Teh Ching (“Book of the Wisdom of the Way”):

  • There is something mysterious, without beginning, without end, that existed before the heavens and earth. Unmoving; infinite; standing alone; never changing. It is everywhere and it is inexhaustible. It is the mother of all. I do not know its name. If I must name it I call it Tao and hail it as supreme. (The book of Tao, trs. Jeff Hill.)

When reflecting on the Source of everything, those who come to our groups relate to the sense of mystery of the Beyond, rather than to any cultural fixed ideas about the nature of God.

The Significance of Groups and Angelic Communication

The core of the work of the Kosmon tradition has always been to create the energetic conditions which enable groups to make direct contact with the angelic realm so that co-creation may take place for the benefit of all.

George Morley gives us the following teaching from Oahspe, which clearly states that the Creative Intent is achieved by the working together of mankind with the angelic realm:

  • In Kosmon we say that the Father does his will through His angels and the souls of men. (How to build. Trance address in A Path of Light. p35)

The angelic realm can only work with us on the physical plane if our energy level is raised sufficiently for them to be able to make contact with us. At The Kosmon Sanctuary we are blessed to be able to meet in a room with particularly high energy, called The Sanctum, which helps greatly to raise the vibrational level of the group meeting.

In a trance address, George Morley spoke eloquently of angelic communication:

  • In this temple you build up a body or sphere of light, and your loved ones in spirit can come to you because you are giving them conditions or vibrations which they can take unto themselves and so make closer contact with you. It is not easy, you know, to contact your plane from ours. But you can help greatly by providing the right conditions by entering the ritual, the prayers, the hymns, the chants, the melodies; everything acts as a formula in producing vibrations. Then brethren in spirit come down the rays of light sent by God to you, so that they may be united with you at your service. We want you. That is why we come to speak with you. We want to touch that little spiritual centre in the spiritual heart. We want to lead you to become a worker for the kingdom of light on earth. (Ibid p38)

It is in the spirit of this quotation that healing groups and traditional Kosmon services are held in The Sanctum.

Death and the Life Beyond

As quoted above, one of the aims of Oahspe is to enable the reader to “know in truth the place and condition awaiting them after death.”

Oahspe views physical existence in the body as the perfect vehicle for spiritual evolution, which then continues in realms beyond the physical. The concept of one place, a blissful heaven, as one’s destiny after death, as generally understood in Christianity, is not part of the teaching of Oahspe. In contrast to this view, Oahspe describes the journey of our essence from physical embodiment, to nonphysical realms, and beyond these, to an indescribable world beyond.

In Oahspe, death is called The First Resurrection. Here, “resurrection” is used in the sense of release, namely, the release of the person from physical embodiment and entry into another realm which we may call the lower heavens. In this world there remains an attachment to, and interest in, the physical world. With purification, for which much help and support is available, the person is cleansed of what today we would term ego, conditioning, and trauma, until they are ready to enter another realm, the higher heavens. This entry is called the Second Resurrection in Oahspe. In the higher heavens there is little attachment to the physical world. (Frank Morley. Questions and Answers in Kosmon Unity, June 1992)

It is through the spiritual ministry of beings in the higher heavens, which we call angels, that “the world is inspired to help itself to establish universal brotherhood, to work for all those good things that humanise society, to bridge the gulf between different nations and to advance toward a better state of life and health.” (George Morley. There is a Bridge in A Path of Light. P 20 Kosmon Press.) The Kosmon Tradition has always been aware of the crucial importance for mankind of the beings in the higher heavens, the angelic realm, and in all its work has sought to work in cooperation with them.

There is a further stage in spiritual development called the Third Resurrection. This plane is the highest in which there remains a little connection with this planet. At this vibrational level the saying of Jesus: “I and my Father are One.” is a reality.

Beyond this stage of the Third Resurrection, there is no longer any earth connection: the person enters a region which Oahspe calls Etherea. This stage is expressed beautifully in Elizabeth Burrows’ rendering of the inner teaching by Jesus, not available in the four gospels:

  • Meld with the central core of the Holy Light, for there your Heavenly Father brings you unto himself. And in that moment, you will no longer remember earth, but you will bathe in the Holy River of Light, which flows from God throughout all creation. (Elizabeth Burrows. The Lost Jesus Scroll. The Three Rivers. 2007.)

Anthony Deavin October 2021

Statement from Peter & Carole Andrews

We have worked closely with the Trustees of the Kosmon Sanctuary for several years and have supported their work providing public service in accordance with the Objects of the Charity. The expression of the aims of the Charity is being expressed in a way that suits contemporary needs but the ethos of the Kosmon Tradition has been maintained at all times.

Peter Andrews (Grand Master), Carole Andrews (Minister)

Original Statement.